Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cook with me.....and Rachael Ray

I don't know about you but I get really bored with dinner. I find myself making the same things over and over and over....well you get the picture. :) I ask my husband what he wants for dinner and it's always "I don't know whatever you feel like making" Really? Sometimes I just want to smack him! But I regress...

Now, I know that I am a picky eater so making things that I will eat is not an easy task and I now understand how hard it must have been for my mom as I was growing up. But I can usually throw something together that I like that comes out pretty good. It's actually quite rare that I have ever put together something that has been completely inedible. Someday I might tell you about an incident involving me, cube steak and a Teflon frying pan when I was a teenager that didn't end well.

To try and spice up dinner, both literally and figuratively. I got Rachael Ray's Look + Cook Cookbook and have already made some recipes from it that came out really good. But that and the movie Julie & Julia got me thinking...

I'm going to do my best to cook my way through the Look + Cook cookbook while putting my spin on her recipes as I always do. For each recipe I make I will not only take a picture of the final product but I will also try to take shots as I am making the meal and put up my adaptation of the recipe. I have a friend that is always saying I need to teach her how to cook, and who knows, maybe this will help!

I'll keep you posted! Wish me luck.

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