Thursday, February 24, 2011

Demolition and Moving

I know I said I would be better about keep up with my posts but it's been a crazy time. We are almost ready to move. We've already moved about 3 car loads of boxes in my SUV and one in my uncles massive pick up truck. This Saturday we take the rest. It's hard to tell we've done that much because the place is a mess! It always amazes me that every time I move I find out just how much stuff I have and I never knew where most of it was!

In the midst of moving all these boxes and totes full of things we are also demo-ing the kitchen and bathroom and building my office in the basement so it's craziness down there. I've got some pictures to post of some of the before and during stages. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more but with my nieces running around I just haven't had a chance to take a lot of pictures.

I decided to paint my kitchen yellow because at first I only had 1 small window in the corner of the kitchen but in order to get me more cabinets my brother has to block that window with the cabinets so I am now not going to have any natural light. I wanted a nice bright color in there. So far we've painted half the kitchen because they are still moving the plumbing on the other half to my washer and dryer aren't next to my microwave and my stove on the other end of the kitchen :)

Here are the before and during shots:



I promise I will be back with more pictures as soon as I finish painting the kitchen and we get the walls put back together. Also I will get some pictures of the office up hopefully before I get it full up stuff but right now it's just 2x3 studded walls. Not much to look at. For now there will be pictures of the rest of the house as is before it's furnished and decorated on facebook.